Unacceptable Behavior Policy

The Union County Public Library is open to provide the public with services and programs to meet their personal, educational, professional, and pleasurable needs. No individual or group has the right to interfere with anyone else’s right to use the library for these purposes.

Unacceptable behavior includes, but is not limited to:

  • Alcohol, smoking(including e-cigarettes)or use of tobacco products is prohibited
  • Apparent intoxication or impairment due to alcohol, drugs or other chemical substances
  • Behavior that could result in injury to oneself or others
  • Behavior that could result in loss or damage to Library or patron property
  • Behavior that interferes with another person’s use or enjoyment of the Library
  • Behavior that threatens or intimidates others
  • Disruptive behavior such as: running, horseplay, misuse of elevator, throwing items or other forms of mischief
  • Excessive noise such as: talking loudly, singing, or uses of electronic devices
  • Failure to adequately supervise children
  • Illegal activities
  • Sexual behavior
  • Suspicious behavior

All infractions will be documented. For minor infractions, a staff member will notify the individual or parent/guardian that he or she is in violation of the standards of conduct and will provide one verbal warning. A patron who disregards that warning will be required to leave the premises for the day. A second occurrence will result in a thirty (30) day ban, and a third occurrence will result in a permanent ban.

Patrons will be banned immediately and permanently for major infractions such as those involving threatening, destructive or violent behavior, or illegal activities. Major infractions include but are not limited to: fighting, assault, brandishing weapons, verbal threats, vandalism, destruction of property, indecent exposure, or any activities that are against the law. Unlawful activities will be reported immediately to the police. The Library Director will report anyone who has been banned for thirty days or more to the Board of Trustees. Individuals who have been banned from the Library may appeal their ban to the Board of Trustees in writing.

Approved 10/2014

Weeding Policy

Policy regarding withdrawing materials from the collection

The Library continually withdraws items from the collection, basing its policy on the elimination of outdated materials, materials no longer of interest or in demand, unneeded duplicates, and worn or mutilated material. Frequency of circulation, community interest, and availability of newer or more valid materials are prime considerations. Items dealing with local history are exception, as are certain classics and award-winning children’s books. Fiction that was once popular but no longer in demand, and non-fiction books that are no longer useful, are withdrawn from the collection.

Withdrawn books are donated to the Friends of the Union County Public Library for book sales. The proceeds from such sales are used for the benefit of the Library. Books that are not sold will be disposed of at the discretion of the Friends of the Library.

Homebound Service Policy

The Union County Public Library offers books, audio books, magazines, DVDs, and other materials to homebound citizens. Citizens must meet one of the following criteria to qualify for homebound service:

  • A permanent physical condition that prohibits a person from safely visiting the library.
  • Have no means of receiving service such as delivery through family members or friends.
  • A temporary health situation (medical leave due to surgery, childbirth, etc.) that prohibits a person from visiting the library. Service will be provided until recovery is complete.
  • Residency in a nursing care facility, whether temporary or permanent.
  • Health conditions associated with the elderly that make a person unable to safely visit the library.
  • If deemed necessary, applicants may be required to present a physician’s statement indicating the necessity for homebound service.

Outreach services staff will, after an initial consultation with the patron, assemble library materials for individuals based on their interests and special requests. Materials will be checked out on the patron’s library card then delivered and picked up weekly. Overdue fines are not charged to homebound patrons, but patrons are expected to have materials available for pickup and returned in a timely fashion. Homebound patrons are responsible for fees associated with lost or damaged items.

Updated 10/2014

Computer / Internet Usage Policy

Adopted by the Union County Public Library Board on October 8, 2012

Updated December 2014

Internet resources and databases are available on an equal basis to library users.  The library supports the American Library Association Intellectual Freedom statements, the Library Bill of Rights, and the Freedom to Read.  Any restriction of a minor’s access to the Internet is the responsibility of his/her parent/legal guardian.


The library provides access to computer equipment, programs, databases, and the Internet, for informational and educational purposes. The Internet and its available resources contain a wide variety of material and opinions from varied points of view. In offering Internet access, library staff cannot control access points that often change rapidly and unpredictably.  Users are hereby notified that they are responsible for the access points they reach.

  1.  In compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), the library has installed filtering software designed to prevent access to material that may be harmful to minors. However, users should be aware that filtering software may unintentionally block sites that have legitimate research value or fail to block objectionable content. Filtering software is not a substitute for parental involvement and oversight. In accordance with the law, persons age 18 or older may request to have the filters disabled.
  2. Privacy is not available to Internet and/or computer station users in the library.

All users of the Library’s computer resources, both staff and patron, are expected to use these resources correctly and for legal and ethical purposes.  Computer resources may not be used for the following purposes:

  1. Violation of any applicable federal, state, local laws, ordinances rules, or regulations. This may include viewing, displaying or transmitting obscene or pornographic material.
  2. Harassment of other persons or parties.
  3. Libel or slander of other persons or parties.
  4. Destruction of or damage to equipment, software, or data belonging to the Library.
  5. Unauthorized copying of copyright or other protected material.
  6. Violation of computer system security.
  7. Violation of software license agreements.
  8. Any and all other matters which the library, in its sole discretion, and in consideration of the best interests of the public, determines to be an unacceptable purpose.


  • It is preferable that patrons present their library card to use the computers; however, it is not necessary to have a library card in order to use a public access computer.
  • There is a one-hour time limit. If no others are waiting to use the computer, the patron may have a second hour. If computers are available after the second hour and no one is waiting to use one, the patron may continue with the understanding that he/she may have to relinquish their computer if someone comes in and there are none available.
  • Users must be knowledgeable in the use of computers. The library staff will make reasonable efforts to assist patrons in their use of the computers. However, they do not have the time to provide detailed instruction in the use of specific programs.
  • No more than one person per computer unless a child is being helped/ accompanied by a parent/guardian.
  • No software may be loaded onto the hard drive and users may not change, add or delete any data, files, or software owned by the library.
  • Users may bring in their application files such as documents, spread sheets, etc. on removable flash drives or CDs.
  • If you choose to print from the computer, you are responsible for ALL copies that are generated from the workstation.       The fee for printing is 10¢ per page for black/white copies, and 25¢ per page for color. Fees for color pages may be higher if the page is a photo or uses excessive color. Only library supplied paper may be used.
  • The library staff has the right to cancel or interrupt use by persons who abuse equipment or software or who refuse to follow library policies as interpreted by library personnel.
  • The Union County Public Library will assume no liability for the loss or damage of users’ data incurred in the use of library equipment or resources.
  • The Internet is changing everyday as new sites are added or deleted. The library will not be responsible for any information located on the Internet.
  • The library Board has the right to make changes to this or any of its policies. The library will post changes to the Internet/Computer policy at the computers. It is the responsibility of the user to know and follow the rules of the current policy.
  • Misuse of the Internet or any violation of our policies may result in the loss of Internet access and/or library privileges.       Unlawful acts are subject to prosecution by local, state, and/or federal authorities.
  • The Library reserves the right to disconnect any device at any time as needed to manage the wireless network and to provide equal opportunity for wireless access to all users.


Since the Internet is a global electronic network, there is no regulatory control of its users or content. This includes electronic mail, and other forms of direct electronic communications. The Internet and its sources may contain controversial material. The Library cannot censor access to material or protect users from offensive information beyond the capabilities of the filter. Parents and guardians of minors must assume responsibility for a child’s use, safety and security while using the Internet through the Library’s connection.

Credit Card Policy 


The Union County Public Library maintains credit cards for library-related purposes only.

The purpose of the credit cards is to facilitate purchases for the library with vendors that do not invoice or where it is not possible or practical to establish a store account. The credit cards will provide a convenience to authorized users by minimizing the need to place authorized purchases on personal credit cards, while maintaining a strict accountability for the library. The credit cards will not be used to pay for services received by the Library.


The Library Director will be responsible for the issuance of cards, account monitoring, retrieval of cards, and compliance of credit card policy. Authorized users of the credit cards are the Library Director, and Program Directors.  Authorized users shall be responsible for the credit card’s use, and shall not allow the card to be used by anyone else or for any unauthorized purchases.

It shall be the responsibility of the Director to retain all credit cards in a locked file until they are needed by an authorized user for purchase. Cards should be returned to the locked file after the purchase has been completed, or as soon as the authorized user returns to the library.

The bookkeeper shall review the credit card bill each month and accompanying paperwork.

Any discrepancies shall be reported to the Library Director and the Board of Trustees.

No tax or taxes shall be paid on any purchase. It is the responsibility of the credit card user to pay any state tax incurred on a purchase.

If a card is lost or stolen, the card issuer must be notified immediately. This loss must also be reported to the library’s board of trustees.


The credit cards may be used to purchase goods for the Library such as:

  1. Story hour supplies
  2. Decorating supplies
  3. Program supplies
  4. Operating supplies
  5. Workshop supplies

Documentation and original receipts detailing the goods and services purchased must be submitted to the business office by the authorized user.

Updated 10/2014

Display and Exhibits Policy

As an educational and cultural institution and as part of its public service, the Union County Public Library welcomes exhibits and displays of interest, information, and enlightenment to the community.

The use, by individuals or organizations, of the library’s facilities for displays and/or exhibits, other than those, which pertain to the library, is not a right but a privilege, which is subject to review by the library board.

The library director may grant the privilege of placing exhibits and displays in the library subject to the following conditions:

1. Poster, displays, exhibits, or works of art to be exhibited will be subject to review by the Library Board of Trustees.

2. No outside organization or individual shall be permitted to display or exhibit any materials, leaflets, or posters which advocate the election or defeat of a candidate for public office, which advocate an affirmative or negative vote for or against any proposition, political or otherwise.

3. The library assumes no responsibility for the preservation, protection, or possible damage or theft of any item displayed or exhibited. All items placed in the library are done so at the owner’s risk.

Public Bulletin Board

Organizations and individuals shall be permitted to use the library bulletin board to display posters, brochures, or flyers for which the sole purpose is to advertise, or promote a service, product or item for commercial enterprise. Notices should not have any offensive wording or pictures.

All postings should be turned in to the downstairs circulation desk, where they will be dated then posted. Individuals should not post notices. All notices not dated will be displayed for 6 months. If a longer period is needed, they must be resubmitted.

Miscellaneous Policies 

Fax Machine

Patrons may use the library fax machine as a sending and receiving station during normal library hours.

  1. Users will be charged 10¢ per page for faxes sent in the US and Canada, unless the number is a local or toll free (800, 888, 877,866,855) number. For International faxes sent the fee is $5.00 per page. International calls are determined if a country code is necessary to make the call. There is no charge for a fax cover sheet when sending or receiving.
  2. There is a 10¢ per page charge for faxes received.
  3. All fax messages will be kept confidential. However, a staff member may be required to read some of the material in order to determine the recipient of the fax.

Die-Cut machine

  1. Must be used in the library
  2. Patrons must bring their own supplies and are responsible for cleanup of areas and equipment used
  3. Patrons are responsible for replacement cost of any damaged dies

Copy Machine

A copy machine is available on each floor. Black/white copies are 10¢ each. Color copies are 25¢ each. The library assumes no liability for improper patron use of copyrighted materials.

Equipment available for public use:

  1. Overhead projector
  2. e-readers
  3. Screen
  4. Scanner – in library only
  5. Smart Board
  6. Projector
  7. Lap tops – in library only

Accidents and Emergencies

If an accident or injury occurs on Library property, it should be reported in writing. This includes patrons, staff and anyone else who may have an accident on the property. As much information about the exact circumstances of the accident should be gathered. Incident report forms are available at each circulation desk. One should be filled out no matter how insignificant the injury may seem.

Community Service workers

The Union County Public Library will attempt to provide duties for community service workers whenever there are persons who need to work such hours, but UCPL also reserves the right to turn away such workers when there is no suitable work, or if there is any question as to the suitability of the worker for the library. Community service workers must show up on time, give advance notice of their arrival, carry out the work assigned in an efficient and courteous manner, and let the library know how many hours they are required to work, in order to be allowed to work at the library.

Notary Public

Notary public service is provided at no charge. This service is subject to the availability of the notary public on staff.

Patron Concerns

All patron complaints and concerns regarding the library building, policy, materials selection, and staff are taken seriously and addressed promptly by the Library Director and/or the Library Board of Trustees.

Proctoring Exams

Library staff will proctor exams for local resident cardholders as staff time permits. There is no charge for this service but students will be responsible for all costs associated with taking the exams including, but not limited to, postage, fax charges, and copying charges. The library is not responsible for ensuring that the student takes the exam by the due date.


Tutoring is permitted in the library and conference room as long as it does not interfere with other patrons’ use of the library.

Unattended Children

Children under the age of eight (8) may not be left unattended in the library at anytime, including during programs, except for selected programs with parental consent. If child (ren) is left after hours, the staff member will contact the police. The library does not assume the care of, custodian of or control of your child (ren).

If a staff member observes or suspects abusive, threatening or harmful behavior towards a child or another person, the staff member is empowered to intervene in the situation up to and including contacting the police.


The Union County Public Library welcomes volunteers of any age but does not accept any liability for the health or safety of the volunteer for actions which are the volunteer’s own doing. Volunteers are utilized to perform routine tasks, which can be easily taught and remembered; or special projects tailored to talents the volunteer may possess. They may also be asked to assist a staff member in his/her duties or to help supervise at library programs. There is not always a task waiting for a volunteer but every attempt will be made to find a task when there is a person willing to give his/her times to help the library.  Volunteers may be subject to background checks.

 Weather Closing

Under most conditions, the library will open and remain open according to its regular schedule. The library will close whenever government officials declare a weather emergency and people are asked to stay off the streets and highways. Whenever the library will not open or will close early due to weather conditions, local radio and television stations will be called; when feasible, people scheduled to use the meeting room will be contacted and a special message will be recorded on the library’s phone recording.

When the weather becomes particularly hazardous during a workday, the director or librarian-in-charge may decide to send some staff home as a safety precaution. Staff who come to work and are told to go home early will be paid as though they worked their full schedule. A staff member who makes a personal decision to either not come in to work or to leave early due to weather will not be paid for the time.  If the library is closed due to weather or related emergency, staff scheduled will be paid according to their scheduled hours.

Board of Trustees

The Union County Public Library Board of Trustees holds monthly meetings. These meetings are generally held on the second Monday of each month at 5:00 p.m. in the library’s conference room. Special meetings of the Board may be called and notice of the date, time, location and purpose of any special meetings will be published in the Liberty Herald.

The general public is welcome to attend all regular meetings of the Board. Comments by the general public are also welcome. If you wish to be added to the agenda, please contact the library at 765-458-5355 at least twenty-four hours in advance.

Board Of Trustees:

Marie Bunch               President
Mary Shepard            Vice President
Carol McCashland     Secretary
Kathy Walker             Trustee
Doug Hawn                Trustee
Debbie Weaver          Trustee
Dic Worcester            Treasurer