Our Library Staff

Julie Jolliff, Director 

Julie is the Director for the Union County Public Library. She has always loved coming to UCPL since she was a little girl and participated in the library’s story times and summer reading program. Now she loves sharing that passion with her own children. Julie is passionate about helping her community. She loves to empower other leaders, dream big ideas, and then push to make those dreams happen. Julie’s goals include making the Union County Public Library the kindest, most helpful, and innovative library in the country. She wants everyone to walk away from UCPL having the best experience and wanting to come back the next day.

Clara Sizemore, Business Manager

After marrying a Union county native, Clara moved to Liberty from Jakarta, Indonesia. When seeing her love of reading books, her husband had suggested that she take a chance at working at the UCPL. She was instantly hired by then Library director Karen Kahl after her first interview. Clara started under the tutelage of Mary Swafford Rigsby, “Ms. Mary”, in the kids section of the library, where she still works to this day. She loves reading urban fantasy and paranormal romance books by authors such as Sherrilyn Kenyon. Clara has worked at the Library for 11 years, where she’s seen generations of children learn and grow through the children’s programs that are offered at the UCPL and looks forward to many generations to come.

Shy Bradford, Clerk & Inforexpress Coordinator

Shy is a library clerk for the Union County Public Library. She loves working with people and making sure that everyone is satisfied. Shy worked for UCPL during high school. She likes to read, write, and study poetry as well as listen to spoken word poetry. Her goal in life is to be the best parent and leader she can possibly be.

Stefanie Boggs, Program Coordinator

Stefanie is the Library Program Coordinator for the Union County Public Library. She married her high school sweetheart Barry. She has three children and two pups. Her passion is working with children and seniors through story time and Reminisce. She enjoys time with the family, gardening, a good book and snuggling with her dogs.

Trudi Hadden, Clerk & Special Projects

Trudi Hadden is a desk clerk at UCPL. She has been happily married to her husband, Dana, for thirty years. She has two adult children and cannot wait to be a grandma. She enjoys working with all ages at the library. She loves God, people and her cats.

Vicky Logue, Genealogist

Vicky is the Genealogist for the Union County Public Library. She is a lifelong resident of Union County and is married to Steve Logue. Vicky has been interested in her family history for as long as she can remember. Passing on the knowledge of her family to her children is very important. She believes that knowing about your ancestors can give you a sense of belonging and pride. She enjoys working with people and hearing about their family history. She is an active member of the Union County Historical Society and is the Union County Historian for the state of Indiana.

Our Library Board

President- Mary Shepard

Vice President- Debbie Weaver

Secretary- Carol Reynolds-McCashland

Treasurer- Richard Worcester

Trustee- Doug Hawn

Trustee- Kathy Walker